Wushu Gear

Wushu, a sport that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years in the west through Hollywood movies and other popular media, was originally a form of martial arts that immerged and developed in China over hundreds of years. It incorporates different styles influenced by animals, philosophies, and ancient Chinese warriors. Wushu consists of two main parts, namely, hand-to-hand combat and weapons. Even though this art was originally used for self defense, hunting and war practices in ancient China, after 1949, in order to nationalize the practice of Chinese martial arts, it was further expanded as an exhibition and full contact sport. Today, Wushu has become an advanced sport with a very high level of technicality. Thus, in modern times, many equipments and gear are used in the practice of Wushu.

Punching Bag

The punching bag is used in regular practices of Wushu in order to develop the skill, technique and power. In practices, this acts as a model of the opponent. This is considered a very useful piece of equipment in regular training.

Wushu Gloves

In Wushu, gloves are mainly used in tournaments and competitions in order to provide protection for the part takers, in the fighting events. There are different types of gloves used in the present. For competitions standard gloves are used. For normal practice sessions with the punching bag, bag gloves are used.

Wushu Shoes

Special shoes are required in the practice of Wushu as well as in exhibitions, tournaments and competitions. These shoes, unlike normal shoes, are designed in such a way that the techniques could be carried out easily and provide protection for the feet.

Wushu Costume

Wushu costumes are designed in a way that would not disturb or restrict the body movements. These costumes are required in tournaments as well as in exhibitions.

Exercise Equipment

In Wushu practices, a variety of exercise equipments are used in order to develop the physique of the Wushu players. This physical strengthening is essential for them as to increase their performance levels. These exercise equipments vary from simple skipping ropes to complex exercise machines and play a main role in training.

Protective Gear

Protective gear includes head gear, chest protectors, hand gear and foot gear. These are used for protection of the players during sparring (fighting) sessions. These are immensely important for the safety of the players and to prevent any major injuries and damages.


Many different types of weapons are used in Wushu. Some of which are, broadswords, spears, straight swords and Wushu staffs. These weapons are a main part of the art of Wushu and add lot of color to it. These weapons are used in practice sessions as well as in exhibitions and competitions.